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5 ways to earn money through Internet

Why you do not use the Internet to get the Money ...

In addition you can enjoy all the benefits of the Internet, the Internet now also has facilities can be used to reach for the money or income that may be sizable enough .. can even be used as a permanent source of income without limit to guarantee you the parents.

In many countries in the world, especially developed countries, there are many people per person or company who reach the blessing of his activities in this virtual world ... and not only increase revenue, but the land has become a business with global reach without limit, which has been proven promises a bright future.

Then how ...?

through the writing of this will provide little insight to you so that you can take a good opportunity to be able to make it as one of the sources of your income.

Here are 5 easy ways and reliability to be able to seize money / income through the internet:

1. Building Internet Business

Internet business is a business activity or business that is run by using the Internet, both as a primary means, as well as supporting facilities. Internet business has a variety of forms, including: the online market, online stores, business resellers, business e learning, business MLM online business advertising and promotion, business services around the Internet, etc..

To build an Internet business, there are 4 main steps that should be implemented, namely:

a. Determining a type of product:

In a business known as the Internet 2 kinds of products, namely products form of physical goods and products form "virtual" or non-physical. Product physical goods is evident in the form of goods like electronics, books, tapes, CD, tools, equipment, gadgets, equipment, etc.. Meanwhile, non-physical goods like: software, services, product services, e commerce (create a website, domain, hosting, chatting, email
etc.), product information / news, etc. e book.

A product can be obtained by making / producing their own or sell other people's products (resellers).

b. Creating a site / web site:

After determining the type of product, then the next step is to create a site / interactive website that is able to make the interaction between visitors to the site owners. Have some components of a web page that can accommodate the campaign, the images of products, the field order form, contact via email or tel etc.. Interactive website should be made possible mainly on the front page "sales letter" that is able to attract and fascinate visitors want to buy the products offered. Even better, if the website is able to automatically booking system, payment and delivery of products (primarily non-physical products or digital)

c. Promoting the site / web site:

Once a site / website, the next step is to make the campaign activities planned, measurable and sustainable growth, both through the internet and other media. This activity is to introduce a web presence business to the more widely known so that people are able to reach the number of visitors and buyers are still able to generate earnings of the business. If a site has hours of high-flying campaign, the website business can
become a "money machine" that automatically work 24 hours nonstop, which can be accessed at any time and any where consumers are.

d. Organize the management of operational business activities:

This is an activity or activities manejemen setting, monitoring, surveillance and research activities to maintain, develop, control and Internet business that can compete in the cauldron of business and able to remain always exist in the virtual world. In the Internet business, management, which required a creative, innovative, have global competitiveness and ability to continue to exist.

2. Make a Blog for business / business

Blog or often referred to as the web-blog is a type of web page that is available to the public about the journals or individuals can also as the "online diary" that can be accessed through the internet. Generally, the blog contains papers or articles written by the owner and sent regularly. Blog is also often used by experts, practitioners, scientists, professionals and political leaders to convey ideas, thoughts and knowledge they share feel free to public common.

Through this media blog, we also can be used for business purposes or business activities. Various kinds of ways you can do to prepare for a business blog / business,

3. Following the advertising program

In the Internet, this time many sites from around the world that offers programs to reach the money through advertising program. The working principle of this advertising program is to create a site / web site that is designed in such a way that is able to distribute / distribute ads to as many network advertiser.

Thus, the website is able to offer as much as possible the site owners are willing to stick ads that are listed on the site advertising program with the commission form of cash benefits. Generally, the owners of the site from all over the world are very enthusiastic with the site's advertising program .. so that they are willing to register their site for free so that they get the opportunity gum ad site advertising program to the site with the hope that they get the benefits.

One of the most popular example of ad program and believes the world is pitch: Google adsense (

4. Following the program "Earn"

Programs that are often known by the term "make money" in the world on this principle, the site is a business that is made in such a way to reach as many visitors to spread the ad campaign that there is inside. The owner of the program 'make money "offers to anyone with a website visitor It is vital It is vital to the commission, if they want to join or access the site" make money "belong.

Some examples of such sites around the world are the following:

This site offers the benefits of U.S. $ 5.9 every time you register to create an email account. In addition, you will get emails about the tips that must be done to get more money again.

This site offers benefits commission between U.S. $ 0.3 to 0.5 per hour, if you perform the activities "to explore the site" contained therein. In addition, you will still get benefits if you komis other sites able to recommend this to many people.

And .. many more such sites on the internet .. You can find it on Google's site by typing the keyword "make money".

5. Following the program "Online Survey"

In the Internet, many other large companies from various countries utilize the Internet in order to prioritize information - information critical to the behavior of a consumer product, one of the ways with the survey program dealers.

They create a site where the site is a program that contains a kind of survey questions to know a lot of them: what the product is the most sought-after consumers, how the assessment of a consumer product, consumer behavior in daily life, How ideal price a product, how many product price competitors, and many more.

This information is they need to develop a product that is really able to meet the needs of consumers, so that the product is capable meraup large and the risk of loss in the development of a product.
To get as many respondents, they offer the benefits, either in the form of money or a sample product when they belong to visitors willing to fill the survey that they offer. Compensation varies, so capable of engaging users of the Internet, particularly the commission, which has a large benefits.

Some examples suryey the online world is as follows:

You can search in Google's site by typing the keyword "survey program" or "online survey"

Writing from the above, was enough to give wawasaan to you about some ways you may have to do to utilize the Internet in order to earn / money.

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The step in early compiled the strategy of the internet business

Starting a business to the Internet is not the same people. Origin know how, you will enjoy it and never think that the Internet business so easily get started.

Now, after running your Internet business and the drive to generate money, hemm ... sure you will not want to work offline again.

so, how? My suggestion, before the start of the A to Z. Follow the easy Steps in this Sequence to start to build your internet business.

1. Define the objective of the Business and Budget Funds

What is the purpose of your business in the Internet? "Yes clearly generate money!" So sure. I mean, what is the purpose of the Internet business to get new customers or to provide services, and as a means of communication with consumers who have been there? That goal, or to the education market to your target market? That or even to create an online community? So in the early stages of this fund also specify that you will invest. Own Goals and a budget investment clear that Steps will make you more effective.

2. Determine Target Market

Modern business know the name or target market segments that it's correct. So, clearly define who your target market. Are all the men and women? How old are they? How about social-economic conditions they? How many of them? What keywords they use in search engines?

What should sedetil it? Yes, more detailed better! The more you understand your target market, the more easy for you to the launch of the moment-moment your marketing.

3. Know Climate Competition

Know and understand how to market an Internet business that you shoot. How would read in there? How do their products? Markets which have not tergarap maximum? From there you can determine where the best position you for success in these markets. How to know the competitors, you try to check on Alexa.

4. Purchase your Marketing Strategy

The Internet business success that usually have on the marketing strategy. That is, they have the marketing strategies that can make the product or services messages can be up to them to the target market as you want.

5. Troubleshooting

The main reasons why people buy or use your services is to solve problems that they face. Remember this good! And ask you based your product is able to overcome their problems? How does your product do? And based the solutions that you have to offer more value than the competitors you?

6. branding your Internet Business

How easy first branding your business is the domain name. This is the first to differentiate your internet business with the other. In the selection of the domain, suggestions, I choose the end. "Com." For the world, the Internet is identical with the dot com world.

In the selection of domain names, there are three trends I see. The first, usually using the name of the owner of the business, as I do to this blog. Second, using the name of the business. And third, using the keyword most Frequently used the Internet broadcast.

The process of branding your Internet business is not only the domain name in question. But especially in the overalls process your Internet business. From the start (or website design templates, fonts, colors, content (copywriting, articles, podcasts, video), and services.

Well, how? Not difficult, right? By Applying this Sixth step, I no longer believe a word difficult to start business in the Internet and generate money that abundant.

If the business is run, how the Internet? Living conditions again see your Internet business and Adjust with the above Steps.

Congratulations to try ...!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Internet comes from the word International Networking, which meant two or more computers are interrelated and form a computer network to include millions of computers in the world (international), which also mutually interact and exchange information, while understanding the terms of knowledge, the Internet is a library of which there are millions (even billions) information or data that can be text, graphics, audio and animation and others in the form of electronic media.

All people can visit the library at any time and from anywhere, if viewed in terms of communication, the Internet infrastructure is very effective and efficient to exchange information on distance and short distance, such as in the office environment, where education, or related institutions !

Initially, the Internet is a computer jarangan established by the Ministry of the United States in the early 60's, at the time that they demonstrate how the hardware and software berbabis UNIX computer can perform communications in the distance is not the end of the phone line.

Formerly known as the Internet as a framework for researchers to exchange information which is then used by commercial companies as a means to their business, and the current Internet users worldwide have reached a number of more than two hundred fifty million people, and the number is still will continue to grow again.

The increase in the number of users access the Internet is indeed very reasonable one, when the Internet is not only used as a means of communication or means of searching for information only, but also has been used as a means to make money.

Price access to the Internet even when this has also been cheaper if compared with several years ago. and users access the Internet not only are people who are in urban areas only, people who live in rural areas can also access the Internet.
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