Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Internet comes from the word International Networking, which meant two or more computers are interrelated and form a computer network to include millions of computers in the world (international), which also mutually interact and exchange information, while understanding the terms of knowledge, the Internet is a library of which there are millions (even billions) information or data that can be text, graphics, audio and animation and others in the form of electronic media.

All people can visit the library at any time and from anywhere, if viewed in terms of communication, the Internet infrastructure is very effective and efficient to exchange information on distance and short distance, such as in the office environment, where education, or related institutions !

Initially, the Internet is a computer jarangan established by the Ministry of the United States in the early 60's, at the time that they demonstrate how the hardware and software berbabis UNIX computer can perform communications in the distance is not the end of the phone line.

Formerly known as the Internet as a framework for researchers to exchange information which is then used by commercial companies as a means to their business, and the current Internet users worldwide have reached a number of more than two hundred fifty million people, and the number is still will continue to grow again.

The increase in the number of users access the Internet is indeed very reasonable one, when the Internet is not only used as a means of communication or means of searching for information only, but also has been used as a means to make money.

Price access to the Internet even when this has also been cheaper if compared with several years ago. and users access the Internet not only are people who are in urban areas only, people who live in rural areas can also access the Internet.

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